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As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we support B2B customers in successfully implementing, integrating and using HubSpot, helping them to generate more leads and satisfied customers.


We are a leading MarTech specialist for B2B companies and support our customers in the digital transformation of marketing and sales. The results of our strategically oriented work are measurably more leads and sustainably improved sales success. As pioneers in marketing and sales automation, we are also one of the few HubSpot Platinum Partners in Germany.



Digital Sales Marketing with HubSpot

If you want to know how marketing automation supports our digital sales marketing methodology, download our e-book here.

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CU Consulting

Our strategy consulting with a focus on the digital transformation of marketing and sales. Typical objectives are digital lead generation, churn prevention as well as cross- and up-selling.


CU Services

The point of contact for all Coders Unlimited clients. Our project managers coordinate data our analysts, UX designers, technology experts, and many more in order to lead the projects to success.


CU Solutions

CU Solutions develops standard solution modules that can be combined with each other and be specifically adapted for your individual requirements. This way you realize quality, time and cost advantages.

News from our blog

In our "Blog for digital sales marketing", marketing and sales professionals will find news and inspiration on the topics of MarTech, CRM, SEO, content and social media marketing.

Activate your creativity to create better content or find new approaches to solutions

For a given occasion, today there is an article on the topic of creativity. What occasion is that? The muse just didn't kiss me myself in preparation for this post.

While looking for inspiration, I came across an article by Larry Kim and find the ideas for more or increased creativity so appealing that I want to share them with you.


The "puppy protection" for digital marketing is over. - And rightly so!

When I talk to marketing decision makers about "digital marketing" or follow the professional discourse online, I notice that something has changed.

The times when you "just did something on Facebook" are definitely over. The "digital playground" where you just tried things out without committing to goals or KPIs is closed. The "youthful sin" of banner advertising has given way for many, if not all, to the realization that you can't win customers over by disturbing and annoying them.


Calls-to-action in inbound and content marketing: what are they good for, what do they look like, and where do they go?

Inbound marketing is all about providing interested parties with information that is relevant to them. This should be both freely available on your website and accessible via form filling. This is the only way you can generate leads and keep them informed about your Nurturing turn them into customers.

To direct website visitors from the free to the advanced level, use calls-to-action.



Video chats have been an established channel of B2B communication since Corona at the latest. Book an appointment. I look forward to the conversation.

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