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Account based Marketing

ABM (account-based marketing) is always very helpful if your potential customers include large key accounts.

ABM aims to strategically tap into these key accounts by addressing the individual buyer personas in a highly individualised and thus relevant way. Some modern marketing automation platforms support ABM through specific functionalities and interfaces to LinkedIN for dynamic outreach to the relevant personas.

Close cooperation between marketing and sales is a prerequisite for successful ABM. In essence, it is about developing target accounts with individual content from marketing and a targeted approach by sales.

CU Consulting supports you in the fundamental development of ABM strategies, from the selection process for suitable key accounts to the structured implementation of ABM in your company processes.

Last but not least, implementation within the framework of marketing automation and CRM platforms is essential in order to reduce complexity and monitor results transparently.

ABM - "don't count the companies you reach. Reach the companies that count!"

Is ABM the right strategy for your company? How can you implement the strategy in your company?

Find out more about these questions and all the important information about CU's strategic ABM approach in this E-book.

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