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Buyer Persona Development

The buyer persona is an ideal description of the people who buy your products. It is also the strategic basis for your digital sales marketing in an environment that is increasingly dominated by the buyer.

A profound understanding of the buyer persona is thus a precondition for successfully implementing digital and automated processes. When defining buyer personas, we follow the methodology of the Buyer Persona Institute® by Adele Revella. This methodology is based on the "5 Rings of Buying Insight", which are collected in a proven process.

1. Buyer Persona Workshop

The group of participants should consist of marketing, sales and, if necessary, service employees of the customer. The result of the workshop is a buyer persona profile, but this is by definition only a working hypothesis because it was generated indirectly, i.e. without interviewing the real buyer persona.

2. Buyer Persona Interviews

The results of the workshop are usually backed up or supplemented by interviews with "actual" buyer personas. Ideally, we conduct the buyer persona studies with the following three customer groups:

Consulting Practices

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