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Data Analytics and Monitoring

Today, marketing and sales are accompanied by a flood of data. This presents an enormous opportunity if we succeed in using this data in a structured way to manage it within the scope of our own strategy.

The problem

The data is usually distributed in "silos", externally as well as internally. This means that they cannot be easily correlated and thus lose much of their meaningfulness. And the effort for data analysis is unlimited.

The solution

CU Consulting in the area of data monitoring and data analytics solves these problems. We develop an individual data model along your buyer's journey and define the KPIs that have an influence on the buying or selling process.

Then, we implement the data model in our data hub, where we combine all relevant data from the various systems and monitor them automatically:

The data is benchmarked in a structured way in the dashboard and analysed in periodic reports (usually quarterly). Based on this analysis, we develop optimisation proposals for the continuous management of marketing sales activities.

Data monitoring and analytics are essential for the evidence of our value proposition of digital sales-marketing.

Consulting Practices

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