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Development of digital business models

What will your future look like? Most B2B companies trust that their existing business model will continue to be successful in the future through constant investment in further development and optimisation. This is especially true for successful, market-leading companies.

But what if the new competitor of hotels is no longer a hotel, but a platform where private individuals can share their flats? And what if the competition of a trade fair company all the sudden is a digital networking platform? 

Many B2B business models are threatened by disruptive new competitors that may not seem relevant today or are not even visible yet. 

In order to recognise these threats in time, we are all forced to widen our view. Together with you, we identify risks that could exist for your core business. And we develop digital business models that are suitable to protect your company against these risks.

In this way, we have already been able to successfully establish new digital business models for our clients in the market. Our reference projects include:

1. Print media - digital word-of-mouth platform.
Development of a highly profitable digital platform on which the readers of the print magazine test products of advertising companies as a community and promote them via social media. For the publisher, this creates a sustainable revenue stream, as the companies book ads to promote the product tests, and they also pay for the additional reach generated digitally by the user-generated content.

2. Trade fairs - digital trade fair platform
Catalysed by the lockdowns in 2020, we developed a digital trade fair platform with a hybrid business model for a leading trade fair organiser.
 At the core of the business model is the insight that trade fairs are primarily used for networking and lead generation. The developed platform offers both in perfection.

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