Our consulting approach

CU Consulting advises B2B companies on the digital transformation of marketing, sales as well as the underlying business model. 

Our consulting approach is characterized by a high degree of implementation responsibility, which we can fully assume together with CU Solutions/Service if desired.

The CU Consulting Team is led by Jan Steinbach (Managing Partner). Depending on the project requirements, we put together an individual consulting team for you. Typically, a team consists of experts from the following areas:

  • Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology Consulting


Buyer Persona Studien

The buyer persona is an ideal description of the people who buy your products. It is also the strategic basis for your digital sales marketing in a digital environment that is increasingly dominated by the buyer.


Digital Sales-Marketing Strategy

Strategy development aims to align your marketing and sales with the changing information and buying behavior of the buyer persona(s).


Data Analytics

Marketing and sales today are accompanied by a flood of data. This presents an enormous opportunity if this data can be used in a structured manner to control the company's own strategy.


Training und Coaching

Even the most innovative technologies only provide a benefit to the company if they are understood and adapted into daily routines.


Development of digital business models

What does your future look like? Most B2B companies trust that their existing business model will continue to be successful in the future through constant investment in further development and optimization. This is especially true for successful, market-leading companies.


Account Based Marketing

ABM (account-based marketing) is always very helpful if your potential customers include large key accounts.



Video chats have been an established channel of B2B communication since Corona at the latest. Book an appointment. I look forward to the conversation.

Jan Steinbach
Managing Partner

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