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Strategy development: Digital sales-marketing

Strategy development aims to align your marketing and sales with the changed information and buying behaviour of the buyer persona(s). We work with a strategy process that we adapt individually to the requirements of our clients. At the beginning there is the recording of the status quo, as well as the qualitative and quantitative target definition (KPIs).

The core of the strategy process is the optimisation of the buying process of the involved buyer personas. Essentially, the aim is to serve the information needs of the personas with relevant, helpful content. And this is synchronised with the four-stage buying process.

Our strategy development is characterised by being implementation-oriented and binding. This means that it usually ends in a concrete implementation plan with clear KPIs and a corresponding controlling approach.


Objective and KPIs

e.g. keywords in the ranking, visits, leads, customers...



The Buyer Persona profiles are the strategic basis for digital sales-marketing.


Brand Story

Mission, challenges, solutions



What contents? For which BP?
At which funnel level?


Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Definition of download offers for the BP and subsequent automated e-mail nurturing routes.



Through which channels/platforms should marketing automation make BP's content accessible?


Technology recommendation

Recommendation for CMS (if relevant), marketing automation licence, CRM as well as other possible tools.


Data Dashboard

Design of the data dashboard for monitoring and analysis of the individually relevant KPIs.

Consulting Practices

You can find out more about our specific consulting practices here.


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