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Marketing Automation with HubSpot

Most marketing technologies used in companies today are systems that work in isolation from each other. The content management system is not connected to the tools for e-mail marketing, and the blogging software and the SEO tool are further isolated solutions.

This is not only very costly, but also problematic: an integrated measurement and analysis of the impact chain and key performance indicators is simply impossible. What remains is isolated data without any real significance or value.

HubSpot Pioneer

CU is one of the few Platinum Partners of HubSpot and has been a pioneer in marketing automation since 2013.

Marketing automation is an extremely powerful technology that can demonstrably strengthen marketing and make it more effective especially for B2B companies. However, marketing automation is initially only a "technology" with which nothing is achieved "automatically". Only when embedded in the right strategy and connected with the right processes and systems (CRM), MAS becomes a game changer.

We accompany you from the development of the strategy to the implementation and integration into your system landscape.

Which is the "right" one?

In addition to HubSpot, which can certainly be considered the market- and innovation leader, we also work with other providers whose different approaches and licensing models also have their justification. These include Active Campaign, Salesforce-Pardot, Eloqua and Marketo.

Digital Sales Marketing with HubSpot

If you would like to know more about how to use marketing and sales automation to build a successful digital sales-marketing, download our e-book here.

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