Lead generation on your website


Use your website as a strategic platform for generating valuable leads and sales opportunities! With an integrated marketing automation precisely tailored to the buying processes of your potential buyers.

Is your website primarily used to present your company and products? 
Then you are missing the chance to support your sales! 

We turn your website into an interactive platform for lead generation. The centre for your digital sales marketing.
On it, you address your buyer persona(s) specifically with suitable content offers along the buyer's journey and thus generate high-quality leads. With the integrated marketing automation technology, you generate and qualify your leads to the point where they can be transferred to sales and CRM as Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).


+180,000 leads per year

We generate more than 180,000 leads annually via digital sales marketing for our clients, who are primarily active in the B2B sector. Lead generation, nurturing and scoring are therefore CU's core competencies. Technically as well as strategically. Because marketing automation is completely worthless without a solid, strategic foundation. Your CU@LEAD-GEN website already incorporates all the strategic and technological know-how. It can be developed either on the basis of your existing website or from scratch.

Lead generation with digital sales-marketing

Turn "strangers into customers" and "customers into ambassadors" for your company. If you would like to know how you can also implement digital sales marketing in your company, download our e-book "Digital Sales Marketing" here:

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