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The Data Analytics Dashboard

Your customised data analytics dashboard with all your KPIs centrally in one place.


Every company collects vast amounts of data about its customers, leads or website visitors. But this data is collected and stored by different tools in different places - creating data silos. This makes it very difficult to analyse behavioural patterns and important correlations. In addition, employees often lack the time or expertise to delve deeper into the data and gain real insights into your customer behaviour. Manual reporting costs you a lot of resources and can never provide as up-to-date information as automated data dashboards.

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[email protected] is our comprehensive data solution for exactly this problem. We help you measure online data properly (web tracking) and bring together all the data from different sources into a central, web-based dashboard. And if you want, we can conveniently build the dashboard in HubSpot. In addition, we analyse your data and help you to evaluate it correctly and derive recommendations for action - so that in the end you can make the right, data-based decisions for your marketing or sales. And if you would like a sparring partner to help you choose the right KPIs, we will advise you and filter out the key performance indicators that are really important for your business.

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[email protected] includes a large overall package of services around the topic of web tracking, data analytics, reporting and KPI consulting with a variety of customisable solutions and extras. Get in contact to learn more about all services and prices.

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